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Christine's story


Christine's husband John was diagnosed with bowel cancer in May 2014.

This is Christine's story:

“I was a situation that you don’t ever imagine having to live through. By the time he was diagnosed, the cancer had progressed to metastasis in his liver. All this was only discovered because his Warfarin levels had gone haywire.

"He was a very strong, loving man and as the months progressed so did his illness. He lost his fight at the end of November.

"As you can imagine, his death has left a huge void and sadness in my life – I feel that if I cried forever I could never lose the heaviness and sadness I feel.

"I began counselling with Sally at Tenovus Cancer Care and it was my lifeline during such a sad period of my life. I was able to give voice to my worst thoughts – thoughts I couldn’t share with my children. I looked forward to my sessions and without exception, always felt better. My counsellor guided me through some of my darkest moments. I was always impressed by how much she remembered of previous sessions. Words cannot fully convey the whole benefit, as so much of it is emotional. Simply thank you.”


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