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How we can help you


Counselling for cancer patients in Wales

When you or someone you love is affected by cancer, you’re bound to feel worried and frightened. That’s when talking to someone can help.

Our counsellors will listen. They’re here to help you cope. They’re friendly, caring and are there for you, if and when you need them.

We understand how difficult it is to be diagnosed with cancer or have a friend or family member diagnosed. Let alone talk about it.

That’s why, if you decide to come and see us, our counselling team can create a safe space. A place where you can talk about the things that are on your mind, and that you might not want to say to those around you.

Whether you decide to come and see us in person or want to speak to us on the phone, it’s free and confidential. You’re at the heart of the time we spend together and we hope that you can get a lot from it.

We’re able to offer counselling for cancer patients and family members across Wales, so it’s as convenient as possible for you. You can meet us face-to-face locally or talk to us on the phone or Skype; whichever’s best for you. It’s free and confidential.

If you’re not too sure or want to know more, get in touch on our Support Line. Call free, 8am-8pm, 365 days a year.

0808 808 1010

Prefer not to talk on the phone?

We know that sometimes, it’s easier to write things down. So, if you’d prefer to write to us, click below to use our Ask Service and we’ll get back to you.


Please read our confidentiality statement.

Everyone within our counselling team works to the ethical framework as stipulated by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).