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Tenovus Cancer Care says latest e-cigarette report shows use should not be banned in enclosed spaces

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Following today’s Public Health England report which shows there is no evidence e-cigarettes are a ‘gateway’ to tobacco consumption, Tenovus Cancer Care has called on Welsh Government to reconsider its position on the banning of e-cigarettes in enclosed spaces.

Nearly 1,894 people in Wales die from lung cancer annually. 8 in 10 of those deaths will be due to lung cancer caused by smoking. The evidence shows that more and more people are using them as an aid to move away from smoking, rather than for non-smokers to experiment.

The report says regular use is found "almost exclusively" among those who have already smoked, and that e-cigarettes have rapidly become the most widely used quitting aid in England.

The study shows that e-cigarettes are “around 95% less harmful” than smoking, and could save thousands of lives if every smoker switched to e-cigarettes.

Tenovus Cancer Care’s ‘Quit with Us’ campaign engages with a cross section of smokers from Wales. We are finding that using e-cigarettes as part of a suite of measures such as pharmacy support to aid a quit attempt are often successful. In our latest survey two in three people found using electronic cigarettes and help from pharmacies were the most effective way to make a quit attempt.

Jon Antoniazzi, Policy Officer at Tenovus Cancer Care, said: “The Public Health England evidence update on e-cigarettes today has reinforced their importance as a tool for harm reduction and to help smokers quit. “We recognise the concerns raised around re-normalisation of smoking and also the introduction of a new generation to nicotine addiction, however these concerns have not been borne out in evidence from leading experts from Cardiff University; Cancer Research UK or ASH. 

“Tenovus Cancer Care believes that Welsh Government should take this body of evidence into account and reconsider its position on legislating to ban the use of e-cigarettes in enclosed spaces.”