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Every year we support thousands of people with breast cancer through our range support services.

As well as answering questions, we can help with the financial, practical and emotional impact of breast cancer. Here's just a few of the women, and men we've helped. 

Mark James

Meet Mark


Meet Susan

Andrea Price-Jones

Meet Andrea

Dawn Wilson

Meet Dawn


Meet Deborah

Anita Sinclair

Meet Anita

Jan Thomas

Meet Jan

Gill Webb

Meet Gill

Lillian John

Meet Lillian

We'd like to thank everyone on these pages who shared their stories.

If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, are living with breast cancer or are worried about breast cancer, we've got your back - whether it’s during diagnosis, treatment, or coping with the physical, financial or emotional side effects.

To chat to one of our Support Line nurses, call us free on 0808 808 1010.