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About the Appeal


Right now there are around 130,000 people living with cancer in Wales. And every year 19,000 more will receive this devastating diagnosis.

We understand the unique challenges faced by people in Wales, like rurality, poor access to care and deprivation. So eight years ago we developed an innovative service that would help address those challenges and make cancer treatment fairer. We pioneered the very first mobile cancer treatment in Wales, one of the first services of its kind in the UK. Instead of asking patients to travel long distances for their treatment, we took the treatment to them.

Today we run two Mobile Support Units which deliver treatment in local communities. But demand is growing and we urgently need to build a third Unit to expand the service. Without the extra capacity we simply won’t be able to reach the people who need us most.

This is your opportunity to shape the future of cancer treatment in Wales. To help build a legacy of cancer care and improve the lives of thousands of patients for many years to come.

Caring for Wales

Shockingly, cancer rates in Wales are 14% higher than in England, and patients here can travel up to 150 miles for treatment. That means every round trip to hospital can cost nearly £70 and if someone relies on public transport, these journeys can take hours.

A course of chemotherapy can take anything from six weeks to six months, and sometimes longer. Some patients will need to have treatment until the end of their lives. That’s a lot of journeys to hospital and every year our Mobile Support Units save cancer patients around 45,000 miles.

Our Units also help with the hidden costs of cancer. We set up in local car parks, supermarkets and community venues where patients can park right outside, for free. Taking time off work for treatment can leave many patients struggling financially, so we run Saturday chemotherapy sessions too. It’s the only place in Wales where outpatients can have their chemotherapy on a Saturday.

Our Mobile Support Units take pressure off over-stretched cancer centres that are already struggling to hit waiting time targets. We’re bringing the cost of cancer down. Not just for patients, but for Wales too.

Our Appeal

To secure the future cancer patients in Wales deserve, we need to raise £1 million for our third, state-of-the-art Mobile Support Unit.

Our target will cover the cost of the design, development and build, the equipment needed for treatment, and initial delivery of the service over two years to allow it to become fully self-funding.

Our vision is that one day, every cancer patient in Wales could benefit from this service.