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Swim for Life Rules

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Individual Challenge Rules

  • Please arrive at the pool 15 minutes before your session is due to start.
  • Upon arrival to the pool a swim cap will be provided by Tenovus Cancer Care.
  • No running! No jumping! No Borat impressions!
  • You can alternate strokes however for health and safety reasons, backstroke is not permitted
  • You may be swimming in a lane with other participants. Please only overtake at the end of the lane and tap the swimmer in front on the foot to let them know you wish to pass
  • The use of equipment such as buoyancy aids, fins, paddles etc. is not permitted
  • Swimmers must ensure they are in sufficient health to undertake this challenge. Medical clearance should always be sought to be sure.

Additional Team Challenge Rules

  • All team members must be registered prior to the event day. Registering the team captain only is NOT sufficient.
  • Teams must consist of 2-5 swimmers.
  • Each team member can swim differing distances to add up to the challenge total as long as each team member enters the pool once.
  • Once one team member has finished their distance, another team member is allowed to enter the pool to continue the challenge. Only one team member should swim at a time. The challenge is performed in relay format.

Swim Format

Below is some information on how our swim will be run on the day. Don’t worry though - this will be explained again on the day.

  • All swimmers will begin at the bottom right hand side of the pool.
  • Swimmers will have a 10 – 18 second interval period for set off.
  • Swimmers will swim up the first lane, turn around and back down the same lane.
  • Swimmers will go under the rope to lane two, swim up and back down. Then under the rope to lane 3...and so on.
  • Once you have made it to the last lane, you will get out of pool at the top right hand corner, walk down and start again.
  • You can also see this explanation in an animation format below:


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