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How to write a nomination

Writing a nomination is easy. You don’t need to be a brilliant writer, or have to think of something clever just be honest and tell us why you think they need a thank you.

It could be how they’ve helped you personally or how they’ve helped the charity. Think about the skills they have, the qualities they show and how their behaviour benefits others.

Simply, how do they make a difference and why did they get involved?

Please put as much information in your nomination as possible, because it’s not about how many nominations a volunteer gets - it’s about the quality.

The external judging panel are unlikely to know the person you’re nominating, so you’ll need to clearly explain what they do, where they help, how often, why they got involved and the difference it makes for you, others or the charity as a whole.

What can I nominate someone for?

You can nominate anyone who helps the charity by giving their time or sharing their skills to support us. This could be putting on events, fundraising, helping in a shop, helping in the office, helping at an event, with our support services or our wellbeing or research teams.

Simply pick the category that you think best suits them.

Our categories

Creative Graphic

Volunteers who have come up with truly innovative ideas in support of our mission, which have shaped services or raised significant funds.   

Supportive Graphic
For volunteers who have dedicated their efforts to support staff, other volunteers, fundraisers, charity supporters or people affected by cancer and their loved ones.

Boldest Award

For volunteers who demonstrate outstanding courage, bravery and resilience in helping Tenovus Cancer Care to achieve its aims of supporting people affected by cancer.  


For volunteers who inspire others to achieve noteworthy success, or who have inspired others with their achievements.

Respect Graphic

For volunteers who have acted with an energetic, enthusiastic, compassionate and positive attitude while volunteering with us.

Young Vol Graphic

For volunteers aged 25 and under at close of nominations, who've demonstrated commitment and resourcefulness beyond their years and achieved great success for us.

Group Volunteer Award Graphic

For a group of volunteers whose joint efforts have achieved remarkable success that would not have been possible without each member.

Who can I nominate?

You can nominate any Tenovus Cancer Care volunteer or group of volunteers but you’re not able to nominate yourself. Remember, you can nominate as many volunteers as you want!

Don't forget to get your nominations in before Monday 1st April.


If you're not sure about any aspect of nominating, please check our Volunteer Awards FAQs and Terms and Conditions, or contact us at