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Volunteer Awards 2019

Volunteer Awards 2019

Our Volunteer Awards ceremony is held each year to celebrate the achievements of our amazing volunteers, share their stories and say thank you. The Awards highlight the individuals, groups and communities helping Tenovus Cancer Care and making a difference to the lives around them.

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Thank you Western Power Distribution for being the Headline Sponsor of our Volunteer Awards.


Terms and Conditions 


About the awards

There are seven award categories; Boldest, Creative, Respect, Inspiring, Supportive, Young and Group. And from these winners an overall Volunteer of the Year is named.

Nominations open each year for around one month and from these nominations a shortlist is created and winners chosen by an external judging panel. Winners are announced at the ceremony, which usually takes place in the summer.

Our volunteers help for so many different reasons. Some do it to give back for the support they’ve received from us, or because they know someone who did, some do it to spread the word about our work and make sure that others receive the support services we offer, some do it to gain confidence, some do it to get a job, some do it to meet people and through that make friends.

Whatever the reasons, our volunteers really do make the difference, and we hold these Awards because we value their support and want the world to hear about their work!


Why do we hold the Tenovus Cancer Care Volunteer Awards?

Ultimately, the main reason is to celebrate the impact volunteers make and to thank the people who help us. Our Awards give people the chance to see the difference their support makes. They tell some of the stories of the people making a difference on behalf of Tenovus Cancer Care.

It spreads awareness of the work we do. It introduces businesses, corporates and individuals, who may go on to support our work, give money and share skills in the future. It lets people know what services we provide, and they can share this with the people they know. This means we can reach even more people and hopefully help even more people affected by cancer.

It can also mean a lot to someone to even just be nominated, it shows that their support has been noticed. They can share with family and friends, put it on a job application, let their college or university know. And people become strong champions/ambassadors of the charity – further promoting and supporting our work.

Is it the only way we recognise volunteers?

No. The Awards are just one of the ways we recognise and say thank you. We have a Reward and Recognition programme detailing the different ways we do this including cards, letters, badges, training, other events and many more!

Do we spend money on the Awards?

Businesses and other corporate partners sponsor the cost of the Awards. This is money that wouldn’t be given if we didn’t hold this event. We want to make it clear that we wouldn’t want the Awards to take money away from our services and the work we do.

We make sure that the money given to us is spent appropriately and is considered.

Why are we holding the ceremony in Cardiff?

We are holding our Awards in Cardiff as geographically it’s central for lots of volunteers, supporters and staff as well as having very good transport links. We have also very kindly this year been offered the venue in Cardiff for free.

We have looked at moving the event to other areas, and although it hasn’t been something we can do yet, it’s something we may consider in the future.

Can we nominate staff, fundraisers, and choir members?

You can nominate anyone who gives up their time, however little, for free to help the charity. That can be choristers, fundraisers, corporate volunteers, shop volunteers, office volunteers, those helping within Research and Support.

Unfortunately these Awards aren’t open to Tenovus Cancer Care staff.

Who can nominate?

Absolutely anyone can nominate including friends, relatives, fellow volunteers, those who use our services, employers, employees, or customers in our shops! The only guidance we have is that volunteers cannot nominate themselves.

How do I nominate?

It’s really easy, just fill in one of our nomination forms and post it to us. Or visit where you can fill in a form online.

If you’re having trouble doing this or have any questions give the Volunteer Development Team a call on 029 2076 8850, you can even give your nomination in over the phone.

Can I nominate a group of volunteers?

Yes! You can nominate a team, a shift team, a duo or any collection of people who work together to help the charity.

Do I have to let someone know that I’m nominating them?

Yes. We ask that you please get permission before you nominate a volunteer for one of our awards if you’re able to. However, we do get in touch with them to let them know before we share their story publicly.

Will other people hear about my nomination?

Yes. We like to share the stories of our amazing volunteers and we’ll be letting local media know about our volunteers. We also share the nominations on our website and we may use it to put nominees forward for other external awards. However we don’t share the details of the person who’s nominated.

Will the person I nominate have to have their photo taken?

Yes, we use photos of all our shortlisted volunteers on our website, in local media and at the Awards ceremony itself. If you are going to nominate a volunteer, please make sure they are aware their photo may be taken at some point when you ask if you can nominate them.

Who will judge the Awards?

Our Awards nominations go through a strict judging process. All nominations are shortlisted by our Volunteer andSenior Management Team to three per category. The shortlist is then sent to our external independent judging panel, made up of local media, volunteers, supporters and colleagues from other organisations. It is unlikely the panel will know the shortlisted volunteers so make sure your nomination clearly shows the difference they make.

If someone doesn’t win will they know they’ve been nominated?

Yes, we encourage people to nominate as many volunteers as they can because all nominated volunteers receive a letter from us recognising their nomination, and thanking them, even if they’re not shortlisted!

Can anyone go to the Awards?

Our Awards ceremony is open to all volunteers and staff to come along if they’d like to. All we ask is that you please register your interest with us before the event so we know that you’re coming along. All shortlisted volunteers are invited to the VIP reception as well as the ceremony.

We also invite a number of our supporters and partners. If you would like to register your interest to attend drop us an email ( and we’ll pop your name down.

As the venue has a maximum capacity it will be on a first come first served basis.

Are travel expenses paid?

All shortlisted volunteers or groups will be invited to claim back their travel expenses for attending the Awards event in July. Overnight stays will be offered to those shortlisted guests living more than 40 miles away from the event.

In the group category, due to cost and space limitations, we may only be able to pay for a limited number of representatives from a group.

Terms and Conditions

1. Nominations must be sent in by 1st April 2019.

2. Nominees must volunteer for Tenovus Cancer Care.

3. Nominees need to have helped Tenovus Cancer Care over the last 12 months however their nomination can include volunteer activity prior to this.

4. Permission should be sought from the person or group nominated.

5. Personal details provided on the nomination form may be passed on to partner organisations, with consent, and used for publicity purposes. If you or the person you are nominating are not willing for any information to be shared in this way, or if your nominee does not want to be contacted by media organisations, please let us know.

6. Group nominations are for two or more volunteers (recommend up to a maximum of fifteen volunteers). All shortlisted volunteers or groups will be invited to attend the Awards event in July. Due to cost and space limitations, we may only be able to offer invites and overnight accommodation for a limited number of representatives from each group.

7. Overnight stays will be offered to those shortlisted guests living more than 40 miles away from the event.

8. The judges’ decision on entries is final. Up to three people will be shortlisted for each award category and one winner selected. The judges reserve the right not to make an award in any particular category if they feel that nominations are not suitable.

9. During the judging process, if there is a draw in any category, then the deciding vote will go to our Chairperson, or next nominated person on the panel.

10. Our judging process is designed to be as fair and impartial as possible, however sometimes a conflict of interest may occur. We define a conflict of interest as a situation in which one of our shortlisting or judging panel may have a pre-existing relationship with one of our volunteer nominees. In this situation the judge or panel member will not be able to vote for that category. If it is a very close vote and the removal of that category from this judge has caused the vote to sway significantly, then the final vote will go to the Chairperson, or next nominated person on the panel.

11. The nature of the certificates and awards presented is the decision of Tenovus Cancer Care. No alternative prizes will be considered.

12. For more information on how we process this data, please read our Privacy Policy here.

If you have any further questions, please email