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Albert's story


Albert’s been having treatment for myeloma on our Mobile Support Unit, instead of having to go to hospital.

This is Albert's story:

"I live in Cardiff and I’ve been going to the Mobile Support Unit for my haematology treatment for about six months.

"I much prefer coming here, it’s a lot easier than the hospital. Parking is so much easier, and it’s such a nice atmosphere! It’s more comfortable too, you just feel more relaxed coming here.

"The nurses are fantastic – they’re the same ones that you would see up in the hospital but they have more time to spend with us patients, so they’re more relaxed too.

"The big difference between coming here, and going to the hospital is, you come here and you can park right alongside the Unit instead of queuing and paying a small fortune. In the hospital, you can arrive in plenty of time but if there’s no treatment chairs available, you can be waiting for an hour or two. Then when a chair does become available, there might not be a nurse available! What I’ve found coming to the Mobile Support Unit, the time I would have been queuing in the hospital carpark – I’ve come in here, had my treatment, and gone home again! It’s just fantastic.

"I’ve been going back and for to the hospital for the last eighteen months, one or twice a week. Since I’ve started coming here, I feel much better in myself. It takes all the stress out of it."


If you'd like to find out more about our Mobile Support Units, or any of our cancer support services, click here or call us on 0808 808 1010.