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David's story

David Payne Winner

David Payne from Pontyclun was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforma in October 2010. David used our counselling service, was our Volunteer of the Year winner in 2015 and was a wonderful ambassador for the charity.

Sadly David passed away in October 2016, six years after his original diganosis. He was an incredibly inspiring man who worked so hard to help others. 

This is David's story:

“In October 2010 I was having a routine MRI scan before a nose operation. The scan went fine but shortly after getting home I received a call from the doctor, to say they’d noticed a shadow on my brain. At this point my mind was thrown into turmoil and I returned to hospital the following day, where I underwent a CT scan and many more tests. I was admitted immediately to the Neuro Ward and I went on to have my first craniotomy operation to remove the tumour. The biopsy confirmed that I had level 4 Glioblastoma Multiforma; an aggressive incurable brain tumour. Not the news any of us want to hear, but life has a knack of unexpectedly throwing these obstructions into your path.

In 24 hours my wife, my family and I had our lives turned upside down. My immediate thought and action was to protect them. Years earlier I’d watched my dad who was also my best friend, go through cancer and witnessed a strong, incredibly independent man lose his battle against this terrible disease. However, the dignity and strength he’d shown through his illness was inspiring and I decided if I could mirror his strength then I could beat this and shield my family from the same pain.

I’d asked not to be given a life expectancy, however reading between the lines, 12 - 18 months seemed the probable period. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy courses followed and over the next couple of years I underwent 2 further craniotomies and 2 procedures to stop CFS leakage. The operations I had, have affected my left periphery vision which meant I had to give up my 3 passions; driving, working and playing football.

It’s been a long and difficult journey but since my initial diagnosis I've been determined to keep fighting. The counselling I’ve received from Tenovus Cancer Care has been an inspiration! I would describe it as a rubber ring which kept me afloat, when I felt like I was drowning.

The ability to offload your thoughts, feelings, fears and hopes has been invaluable. When you’re given a terminal diagnosis you can’t help but bottle up your feelings. I try to protect my family from my own pain, as I don’t want to upset them any further. I used to be the breadwinner of the family, running my own business and be the one everyone relied on. Now I’m dependent on everyone else.

Having my Tenovus Cancer Care counsellor to talk to has made all the difference and I find the sessions emotional and rewarding as well as giving me a different perspective. Cancer has taken over our lives, but Tenovus Cancer Care’s services have helped me to feel back in control and realising cancer is not an end, just a different path forward."


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