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Donna's story

Donna Dunn

Donna's daughter Emily was diagnosed with Burkett’s lymphoma in 2014, and sadly passed away in April 2016.

This is Donna's story:

"Despite being diagnosed at just 16, none of the children’s and young people’s services could help us. The restrictions were confusing and felt arbitrary, and they turned my little girl away.

"Our first contact with Tenovus Cancer Care was some financial support. Emily wanted to stay on at school which meant she couldn’t access any benefits.

"Because Emily had been diagnosed at 16 and was referred to adult services, when she died I was refused parent’s grief counselling by several organisations. The grief counselling that was available in my area, was only for suddenly bereaved parents. As Emily died of several life threatening conditions, apparently I wasn't applicable. Being turned away was awful. 

"Tenovus Cancer Care was the only charity who would support me. As a Mum I had to stay strong for my three beautiful children. The bereavement counselling I had helped me through such a difficult time, and for that I am so very grateful."


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