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Geoff's story

Geoffand Enid

Geoff discovered he had prostate cancer following a regular blood test for diabetes. Tenovus Cancer Care supported him with his applications for Attendance Allowance and getting some money to help his wife Enid to care for him during his treatment. 

Meet Geoff:

“A regular blood test for diabetes found I had a problem with my blood. I had a biopsy and they found cancer in my prostate. I didn’t even know what a prostate was!

"When I found out it was cancer, it was really frightening. I’d lost my sister less than a year before to lung cancer and she was only 64. I had lots of doctor’s appointments and within three weeks started treatment. I was placed on hormone therapy and eventually had a course of radiotherapy. For that six months I was terrified. After the treatment I had a blood test every three months.

"We didn’t think there would be anything we’d be entitled to. We’ve never claimed for anything so wouldn’t have known where to start. They told me about applying for Attendance Allowance and the fact my wife could also get some money for being my carer.

"The forms I had to fill in to get help were so complicated, I couldn’t have done them by myself so having the Tenovus Cancer Care staff help me was absolutely fabulous. They even offered to come with me when there had to be an appeal. I was really nervous so knowing there was going to be someone there who understood what was going on was a relief.

"When you have cancer it can make you feel very down, but after I spoke to the Tenovus Cancer Care nurse, I become more myself. It helped me get my life back. I must say, thanks to Tenovus Cancer Care I became normal again. I began to go fishing, model making, and got back out with the dog, which I hadn’t done for over a year.

"The support I received from Tenovus Cancer Care has been outstanding. I will never forget what they did for me and my wife Enid.

"I’ve been clear for two years now, and I’ve told lots of people about the help I had from Tenovus Cancer Care and also about the ManVan. Knowing it’s going to be visiting my area soon means I know I can pop down and ask any questions and that they’ll be there to support me if I need it. Tenovus Cancer Care have been bloody marvellous and I can’t say no different. If you’ve got a problem, just ask them. They’ll explain what you can have and what you’re entitled to.”

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