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All you've got to do is call 0808 808 1010 0808 808 1010 Call free, 365 days a year


How we can help you

Cancer Callback

Cancer Callback

If you've just been diagnosed, our free Cancer Callback service means we'll support you with regular calls throughout your diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

How does it work?

We have team of dedicated nurses who will support you every step of the way throughout your treatment. We can give you advice, support and answer any questions about absolutely anything do with your diagnosis or treatment. There' no silly questions about cancer.

We can also tell you about other support we can give like advice on making ends meet.

If you are currently undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, surgery or any other cancer treatment and feel that you'd benefit from the support of a dedicated nurse, we can help.

You can simply refer yourself to this service by calling our free Support Line on

0808 808 1010


If you're a healthcare professional interested in referring your patient, or would like more information about this service, please call us on 0808 808 1010 or email


Cancer Callback is a bilingual service and is funded by the Burdett Trust for Nursing.


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