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Blog: Travel Insurance and Tenovus Cancer Care by Bethan Watkins

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This week is Health Information Week, a time for health organisations to share useful information about how to look after yourself and signpost people to what help's available. We hear from Bethan Watkins, our Regional Advice Services Manager, who has some useful tips for cancer patients looking for travel insurance this summer.

"You’ve booked your holiday. You’ve got your essentials ready – sun cream, hats, shorts…
But what about your travel insurance?

Travel insurance is important for anyone travelling abroad but is more so for someone who's had a cancer diagnosis. It's important that you start arranging your travel insurance early as it can be more difficult to get following a diagnosis as insurers consider anyone with a pre-existing medical condition more likely to make a claim.

That being said, although it's more difficult, it's not always impossible. You must be prepared to answer a lot of questions around your diagnosis and any treatment you've had or are expecting to have. You may also need to ask a medical professional to provide confirmation that you're fit to travel.

You may find that insurers will only offer you a policy that excludes any claims relating to your cancer. In this case, if you need to cancel the holiday or you need treatment while you’re away then you would need to pay for this yourself as you wouldn’t be covered.

There are a number of insurers who'll provide comprehensive cover which includes your cancer diagnosis, however, you should be prepared to pay higher costs for these policies.

Handy tips

• Start looking at travel insurance early
• Have all of your information ready to answer the questions about your diagnosis. You'll need information on your diagnosis itself, your treatment (past and future) and details of medication you take at home. If you don't declare your diagnosis, you risk your policy becoming invalid
• Check any policies you already have eg cover from a bank account, annual insurance policy. You may not be covered under these policies and you'll need to find alternative cover
• Make sure you have enough medication to take away with you and that you have consulted your doctor before you book.

For more information or for a list of insurance providers* please contact our free Support Line on 0808 808 1010.

*Please note that we cannot recommend a particular insurer and we cannot influence any decision made."