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Blog: Will it be what you want to happen?


By Gronw ab Islwyn
Prospect Research & Legacy Officer

Life is full of things we don't want to do; putting them off for as long as we possibly can. Visiting the dentist is one such thing many of us share. But, we all know that sooner or later the tooth ache will force us to the dentist’s door, however much we dread what might follow.

I also share something else with two-thirds of the people of Wales and the rest of the UK, actually - getting a Will written. I don't feel as though I’m likely to die in the next few months or even years. And I certainly haven't thought about what could happen to me if I had an unscheduled meeting with the proverbial bus number 13! I know it or something comparable could happen to anyone of us at any time. Should that unplanned meeting occur, my next of kin would have to face considerable difficulties they could have avoided. 

Having a Will written is not about me dying. It's about me planning, and we all know what happens in all circumstances of life if we don't plan. As a Welsh rugby supporter I wouldn't have been celebrating on the 16th March 2019, if it wasn't for the planning of Warren Gatland, his coaching team and squad of players!

Or, to put it another way, if I want to continue providing support for those people and organisations I wish to support after I die, then I need to make that information known at the right time so it can be carried out, when I’m no longer here. A Will written by a solicitor will do that for me. In most cases it won't be very expensive, but is absolutely necessary.

If I die without a Will, intestate to give the position its technical name, the assets I own will be distributed according to what the law states. That could be very different to what I want. Good friends and people who were kind to me might be totally ignored, without mentioning issues that are important to me being supported. And yes, you can do both. It's not a case of either or.

When I realise the pain of the visit to the dentist is not the most upsetting thing that could happen to me. Knowing that I hadn't taken simple steps to care for my loved ones and helping them and the issues that matter to me when I’m no longer around to do so personally, would be far more distressing.

And to think the distress could be so easily avoided by visiting a solicitor of my choice. It won't take long and the solicitor will ask you a few simple questions, about your wishes. 

A couple of weeks after that first visit, you'll receive your draft Will. Make sure it says what you want to say. If in any doubt, raise it with the solicitor and amendments will be made. Indeed, my Will can be amended or even changed at any time during my lifetime!

Because what is written in a Will has to be carried out according to what is written, it is a way of making sure that what happens is what I want. Because anything can happen to each and every one of us, let's not put off having our Will written any longer. It is a plan that can give us longer lasting peace of mind than a Six Nations Rugby Grand Slam and Championship.

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