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Top 10 reasons to volunteer this new year

Volunteer With Us With the start of a new year comes new resolutions. Many of us say we'll give our health a good kickstart, but what about making a resolution that's not only good for you, but helps others too? Sounds good doesn't it?

We thought we'd give you a helping hand! That's why we've put together our top ten reasons why you should make volunteering one of your New Year resolutions this January!

1. Meet new people and make new friends

Volunteering is a great way to meet like-minded, welcoming people and make great new friends. Read about our Volunteer of the Year Anthea and her experience.

2. Learn new skills and gain experience

If you’re a student looking to build up experience of a work environment, volunteering is a great way to gain skills and show that you’re a real team player. Read about Delyth's experience here.

3. Boost your CV and help land yourself a new job

If you’re looking to add to your CV or fancy a career change, you can volunteer to try out a new career path and make new connections. Read about student Heather and her experience here.

4. Try something new or something different

Lots of us resolve to try new things at the start of a new year. Why not try volunteering? We know you’ll love it! Read about John and how he went from aerospace to volunteering!

5. Use your spare time to make a difference

You can dedicate as much or as little time to volunteering as you like. Even if you can only spare an hour a week, that can make a huge difference to a charity like Tenovus Cancer Care!

6. Learn more about your community and make it a better place to live

By volunteering in your community, you’ll be able to make a genuine difference to people in your neighbourhood.

7. Make the most of your interests and hobbies

If you’re passionate about something and enjoy doing it in your spare time, why not turn that passion into valuable experience by volunteering? Read about Josh, our Young Volunteer of the Year and photographer.

8. Do something you’re good at

There are so many different volunteering opportunities available you’re certain to find somewhere you can share your knowledge and expertise.

9. Help those who need your skills and experience

There are lots of charities in your community that couldn’t do their vital work without the help of volunteers. You can make a real difference by choosing to share your skills with organisations that need it most.

10. Become healthier and happier

Research has shown that people who volunteer are healthier, happier and feel more fulfilled than people who don’t. Knowing you’re doing something to help others can give you an enormous sense of personal achievement and wellbeing.

So why not make volunteering with Tenovus Cancer Care one of your New Year’s resolutions in 2017? You’ll not only be making a difference by helping cancer patients and their loved ones, you’ll be making yourself a better you!

To find out more about the volunteering with us at Tenovus Cancer Care, visit our 'Volunteer with Us' page here.