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Lets talk about genes

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Dr Rachel Iredale, University of Glamorgan
Start date: January 2012
Duration: 9 months
Funded amount: £28,844

This project will involve working with a group of 12 and 13-year-olds from Stanwell Secondary School in Penarth to investigate the role that family history (genetics) plays in cancer. We will do this by exploring the interaction between genetic and environmental influences on cancer. We will prioritise health promotion messages that are relevant to cancer, such as diet, lifestyle, sun awareness, smoking and alcohol consumption and investigate how these behaviours might also run in families.

The children will take part in some cancer genetics learning using fun activities and games, as well as creative workshops. The project will culminate in a static art exhibition and the production by the children of a multi-media story focusing on what they think other children their age need to know about cancer and the role that families play.

The project is unique in that it not only uses creative and interactive methods to engage participants and collect valuable data, but it also tests how feasible and acceptable it is to discuss such issues with children.

Investigators on the project:

Dr Rachel Iredale, University of Glamorgan
Mrs Kim Madden, University of Glamorgan
Mrs Karen Lewis, Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care
Dr Nicki Taverner, All Wales Medical Genetics Service
Dr Alex Murray, Cancer Genetics Service for Wales
Ms Lisa Heledd Jones, Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care
Dr Steve Killick, StoryWorks


Professor Julian Sampson, Director, Wales Gene Park
Dr Liz Jones, EJA Research
Mr Kevin McDonald, University of Glamorgan
Mr Carwyn Evans, Artist