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Nutrition and Food Safety intervention

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Dr Ellen Evans, Cardiff Metropolitan University (Joint funded with SEWAHSP)
Start date: September 2017
Duration: 17 months
Funding amount: £16,095

Given the increased risk of foodborne illness and malnutrition during chemotherapy, implementation of food-safety practices and optimum nutrition are essential to reduce the risk of additional health complications during treatment.

Previous research undertaken by the collaborators have established the fundamental role of carers of chemotherapy patients, particularly in the provision of food. Therefore, it is essential that carers are aware of the importance of both food safety and nutrition.

Conventionally, these topics are often segregated, with food-safety information found to be particularly lacking. Consequently, targeted development/delivery of a food-wellbeing approach to combine both food-safety and nutrition for the carers of people receiving chemotherapy is needed.

The aim of the proposed pilot study is to produce and evaluate highly focussed food wellbeing interventions for carers of chemotherapy patients. The study is structured using a five-phased approach including design, development and implementation of a traditional, paper based intervention and an innovative, tablet-based video intervention delivered to carers in a healthcare setting.

Feasibility, acceptability and potential impact of food wellbeing information delivery will be assessed using an evaluation tool; carers’ perceptions of intervention formats, content, delivery and trust will be determined. Recommendations for future food safety and nutrition carer focused interventions will be made.