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Our Research Advisory Group

RAG 2019

We recognise that in order to make sure the research we fund meets the needs of people living with cancer and its effects on a daily basis, we need to listen to the views of people affected by cancer in our communities.

To achieve this, we brought together a group of people affected by cancer with a variety of experience into our iGrant decision-making process, known as the Research Advisory Group (RAG).


Their aim is to be the “voice of the people” to improve the way community research funded by Tenovus Cancer Care is prioritised, selected, undertaken, disseminated and used. To make sure this happens, they are involved in every stage of our iGrant process, recommending which projects should receive Tenovus Cancer Care iGrant funding.

One of our RAG members told us what being a part of the group meant to her:

“I would like to thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to serve on this very special group. You are doing marvellous work to help uncover advances in therapies to help so many areas of cancer. As a patient I am thankful for those advances made this far by people like yourselves who allocate the essential funding needed, and the marvellous scientists who carry out the work.”

If you'd like to share your ideas and views about research, feel free to email our team at