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Types of gifts in Wills

It can be hard to know where to start when writing a Will, but understanding a little more about the types of gift you can leave, will help you decide what you want to go where.

There are three types of gifts you can choose to leave in your Will. If you’d like to find out more or chat through some options, please get in touch.

Residuary LegacyWhat's a Residuary Legacy

A Residuary Legacy is a share or a percentage of what you’re leaving (also known as your estate) that goes to a particular person or a charity. For example, many people like to leave 10% to a charity of their choice. Residuary gifts are practical as you don’t need to worry about what the exact figures are. The value of your ‘estate’ will change over time, and a residual legacy means your Will changes with it.

Pecuniary LegacyWhat's a Pecuniary Legacy

A Pecuniary Legacy is a fixed amount of money you would like to leave to someone, or a charity. This is useful if you have a specific amount of money in mind. Perhaps you’d like to leave your grandchildren a University fund or the deposit for their first house? If you’re thinking of leaving a gift to Tenovus Cancer Care and would like to chat to us about what your gift could fund, please get in touch.

Specific LegacyWhat's a Specific Legacy

A Specific Legacy is when you leave specific items as a gift, like jewellery. This is great if you have special items you want to leave to specific people, and can also save arguments later! You can also leave things like property, shares or even land, to either a loved one of a charity of your choice.

Make a Will for free

Writing a Will doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Hundreds of people have already used our Free Wills scheme, which is a quick and easy way to get your affairs in order and plan for the future. Find out more.

For Solicitors

We are very grateful to work with solicitors right across Wales to offer our Free Wills service. If you are a solicitor in Wales and you’d like to find out more about taking part in our Free Wills campaign next March, please get in touch using the form below.

All we ask when meeting with clients is that you ask the simple question “Are there any causes you feel passionate about that you would like to leave a gift to?”
Whilst there is no obligation to leave Tenovus Cancer Care a gift, many of our supporters choose to. You can find out more about how gifts in Wills help us fund life-saving research here.

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