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Volunteer Awards T&Cs

Terms and Conditions

1. Nominations must be sent in by 2nd April 2020
2. Nominees must volunteer for Tenovus Cancer Care
3. Nominees need to have helped Tenovus Cancer Care over the last 12 months however their nomination can include volunteer activity prior to this.
4. Permission should be sought from the person or group nominated
5. Personal details provided on the nomination form may be passed on to partner organisations, with consent, and used for publicity purposes. If you or the person you are nominating are not willing for any information to be shared in this way, or if your nominee does not want to be contacted by media organisations, please let us know.
6. Group nominations are for two or more volunteers (recommend up to a maximum of fifteen volunteers). All shortlisted volunteers or groups will be invited to attend the Awards event in July. Due to cost and space limitations, we may only be able to offer invites and overnight accommodation for a limited number of representatives from each group.
7. Overnight stays will be offered to those shortlisted guests living more than 40 miles away from the event.
8. The judges’ decision on entries is final. Up to three people will be shortlisted for each award category and one winner selected. The judges reserve the right not to make an award in any particular category if they feel that nominations are not suitable.
9. During the judging process, if there is a draw in any category, then the deciding vote will go to our Chairperson, or next nominated person on the panel.
10. Our judging process is designed to be as fair and impartial as possible, however sometimes a conflict of interest may occur. We define a conflict of interest as a situation in which one of our shortlisting or judging panel may have a pre-existing relationship with one of our volunteer nominees. In this situation the judge or panel member will not be able to vote for that category. If it is a very close vote and the removal of that category from this judge has caused the vote to sway significantly, then the final vote will go to the Chairperson, or next nominated person on the panel.
11. The nature of the certificates and awards presented is the decision of Tenovus Cancer Care. No alternative prizes will be considered.
12. For more information on how we process this data, please read our Privacy Policy here.

Volunteer Awards 2020

This is an exciting year as not only will we be celebrating how volunteers have been making their time count, we'll also be celebrating the 10th anniversary of our Volunteer Awards. So get your nominations in, there's just one month to do it!

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