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Your health and cancer

Research shows that around 40% of all cancers in the UK could be prevented by simple changes to lifestyle.

Unfortunately bad health habits like smoking and drinking too much alcohol, eating a poor diet, and not being safe in the sun or getting enough exercise, are very common and have a huge impact.

It is important that people are aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer, so that they are diagnosed sooner and have better chances of survival.

By raising awareness and changing people’s health behaviours today, we hope to prevent a lifetime of ill-heath which has much wider implications than just cancer. These simple changes could save the NHS millions of pounds in the future and save thousands of lives.

Get support to help quit smoking

Quit smoking

Smoking is still the biggest cause of preventable ill health in Wales with 19% of the population still smoking. Find out more about how to kick the habit.

Support to give up smoking
keep an eye on suspicious moles

Skin cancer and sun safety

We love the sun – perhaps because we don’t see enough of it. But how many of us are sun safe? Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the UK and we’re on a mission to change that.

Find out more about skin cancer
making healthy diet choices

Diet and exercise

Eating healthily and keeping active is an important part of looking after yourself, but we know making the right choices isn’t always easy.

Find out more about keeping healthy