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A message about diversity and inclusion – from our Chief Executive, Judi Rhys

June 2020

The death of George Floyd has sparked outrage and protests around the world. Many individuals and organisations have reflected on their role in perpetuating racism and discrimination, and what they can do better in order to tackle it. That includes me – what I am able to do personally, and also what I can do as the Chief Executive of Tenovus Cancer Care.

As a charity, we’re always striving to learn and improve. The recent events have certainly highlighted and made us reflect even more on how we can become more inclusive.

Whether it’s cancer patients and their families, or our staff, volunteers and supporters; we want to make sure we help, support and encourage everyone. But when it comes to equality, diversity and inclusion, we know we can do much more.

We’re working on a Diversity and Inclusion Plan that will help shape our approach to anti-racist practice and tackling all forms of bias. This work has the full backing of the charity’s Leadership Team. We will ensure that we take the time to learn, reflect and make changes to our work, to make sure our differences and diversity serve to unite us. We know we need to do more in engaging, listening and working with the black community and people from minority ethnic backgrounds. We need to do better in recruiting a more diverse workforce, and in representing diversity across all our communication channels. And we need to be clearer in highlighting the health inequalities that persist in some communities. We are committed to this on-going work and will keep you posted on the progress we make. Thank you.

Best wishes,

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