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Tenovus Cancer Care want everyone affected by cancer, anywhere in Wales, to have a voice, and for these voices to be heard. The All-Wales Cancer Community will give you the opportunity to tell us about the issues most important to you, whether it’s accessing services from the NHS; the type of research seen as a priority; policies from the Welsh Government or what Tenovus Cancer Care itself should offer.  

This community will help us to improve our own services and influence those provided by others. With these insights we will be able to campaign to bring about change, at a national and community level for people affected by cancer and understand their changing needs.  

We are committed to working alongside people affected by cancer to champion their needs, raise awareness of the issues faced and ultimately improve cancer outcomes. To do this, we need your input! We want to be able to respond quickly to the issues affecting people with cancer today, right here in Wales, and to help make sure cancer research positively affects cancer outcomes and experiences. 

The All-Wales Cancer Community is for anyone who has been affected by cancer in Wales. You will be offered the chance to contribute in lots of different ways, and you can pick and choose which ones suit you best. For example, you could 

  • Tell us about what you think needs to happen to improve early diagnosis, treatment, care and support for people affected by cancer
  • Help us to understand the ever-changing issues affecting people with cancer across Wales to help us form policy positions and campaigns
  • Talk about your experience of having cancer at Tenovus Cancer Care events and meetings with political decision-makers
  • Access consultations and other opportunities to have your voice heard by parties outside Tenovus Cancer Care (we will never share your details with third parties, but will offer you opportunities from others if they have the potential to help improve cancer patient experiences in Wales).
  • Review and help shape Tenovus Cancer Care Services

What will I get from this? 

Regular opportunities to answer questions and tell us your views about a variety of topics 

  • Updates and news to highlight where actions of the All-Wales Cancer Community and Tenovus Cancer Care has led to changes and improvements for people affected by cancer
  • Opportunities to raise questions and issues on the things that matter to you
  • Be a part of a community of people affected by cancer that will use their experiences to make a difference for others

We can help to push changes forwards by influencing Senedd Members, Committees, Ministers and Civil Servants. To do this successfully we need strong evidence and insight into what matters to people affected by cancer. This is why your voice is so important. 

You can help improve outcomes and experiences for people affected by cancer, right here, in Wales, and we can't wait to hear from you! 

If you or someone you love has been affected by cancer, our free Support Line is there for you. Just call 0808 808 1010