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The All- Wales Cancer Community is a network of people across Wales who have been affected by cancer and want to use their expertise to help shape the cancer care landscape. 

We want to give them the opportunity to have their voice heard in a respectful and considerate way to enable them to make a real difference.  

If you have a project which could benefit from the insight and engagement of people with personal experience of cancer, then we may be able to help connect you by sharing your opportunity with our All-Wales Cancer Community members.

We will only share projects and opportunities which fit within the priorities of Tenovus Cancer Care, and as such we ask that before submitting your request you consider whether your project is;

  • Related to cancer 
  • Will make a difference to people in Wales
  • Will benefit from patient and public involvement

If you’re a researcher in Health and Social Care, and would like to know more about how patient and public involvement can be most effective, please click here to access the UK Standards for Public Involvement. 

We also advise you to reach out to Health and Care Research Wales for support with any research projects involving people. Click here to find out more about the HCRW support and delivery team.

When we share the opportunities with All-Wales Cancer Community members, we want to be as clear as possible about what would be required and what you hope to achieve, so please keep your language as simple as possible. Our All-Wales Cancer Community members are very important to us, and it is essential that they are treated with dignity and respect, and as such we have outlined our expectations within this document. It is essential that you read our expectations document before applying to share your opportunity.

Where possible we would like to share opportunities bilingually so if you are able please include answers in both English and Welsh.

If you are ready to share your project and it meets our criteria, click on the button below to access and download the template, and email it back to us at


If your project does not meet these requirements but you feel that there is still potential for considerable benefit to people affected by cancer in Wales, or you simply have some questions about the All-Wales Cancer Community, then please contact us on

If you or someone you love has been affected by cancer, our free Support Line is there for you. Just call 0808 808 1010