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We’re determined research into cancer is given every chance to succeed so that we can find better ways to prevent, detect and treat it.

We support a range of ongoing projects and engage with many direct funders of cancer research to benefit everyone affected by cancer in Wales.​ We believe the involvement and insight of people with cancer should inform policy decisions and guide the direction and focus of future research.

We have funded world-class cancer research which covered a variety of projects including prevention, early diagnosis, treatment, support, survivorship and end of life care. You can read about many of the projects we have supported by clicking here.

Cancer types

Many of the projects we funded were applicable to all cancer types, and could ultimately benefit all cancer patients.

Other research we funded focussed on specific types of cancer,  including breast, prostate, lung and bowel cancer, but also some of the more underfunded cancers like pancreatic, uterus, kidney, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma or head and neck.


We have funded researchers in institutions across Wales including universities, hospitals, health boards and community settings.

Types of funding

We funded a wide range of projects through a number of funding streams. Our research in the lab investigated how cancers form and developed new drugs for some of the hardest to treat cancers. Our projects in the community looked at how to improve the lives of people throughout their cancer journey, particularly projects that had real and lasting impact.

The main funding streams included PhD Studentships, iGrants, KESS studentships and RCBC projects.

PhD Studentships

PhD Studentships are long term projects which address the more fundamental and comprehensive challenges that cancer creates. These projects contained expertise to address these challenges independently of the remit to feed directly back into Tenovus Cancer Care services. We offered up to £90,000 of funding for lab-based projects (up to £60,000 for non-lab, community based projects) over a three year period. The PhD students we have funded are the future of cancer research, and many of these bright young minds continue to work on a range of innovative and exciting projects in labs and institutions around the world. We are so proud to have provided this invaluable support right at the start of their careers.


The iGrants we funded were innovative projects that implemented great ideas. They involved patients and the public, influencing policy and practice, and investing in the future. These were projects which had the potential to change cancer treatment and care, with particular emphasis on applicability and implementation.

Our iGrants gave Healthcare Professionals the opportunity to develop new ways to treat and support cancer patients and their loved ones, during and after their treatment. Our iGrants funding offered a maximum of £30,000 for up to 24 months.

KESS Studentships

The Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships (KESS) is a major European Convergence programme led by Bangor University on behalf of the Welsh higher education sector. KESS offers collaborative research projects linked with a local company partner, with scholarships supported by European Social Funding across Wales. For more information about the KESS programme, including current funding opportunities, head to their website. 

RCBC Projects

The Research Capacity Building Collaboration (RCBC) is a partnership between six universities and allied health departments in Wales that aims to increase research capacity in nursing, midwifery, pharmacy and the allied health professions.

This type of funding allows newcomers or those wishing to update their research expertise to conduct research for one day a week over 12 months, allowing the individual to remain in post with their current employer. The scheme is mainly funded by Welsh Government through Health and Care Research Wales and for many years we were a company partner, providing additional funding. For more information about RCBC, including current funding opportunities, head to their website

If you or someone you love has been affected by cancer, our free Support Line is there for you. Just call 0808 808 1010