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Tue 20 Oct 2020

The Welsh Government has announced changes to the ‘sheilding’ system

From 16th August, shielding will be ‘paused’ if coronavirus continues to decline in Wales.

This means that anyone who has had a shielding letter will, from that date, feel reassured to follow the same ‘lockdown’ measures as the rest of the population, and you’ll receive a letter from the Welsh Government confirming this.

A copy of that letter can be found on the Welsh Government’s website here.

Some of the key changes:

  • Food boxes.For those who are receiving food boxes these will remain in place until 16th August. After this date they will no longer be available. You will receive a leaflet telling you about these changes
  • Priority shopping. This will still be available in supermarkets until the end of September
  • Medicine deliveries. The volunteer medicine delivery scheme will be available until the end of September.
  • Returning to work. This will be possible, although you should have a chat to your employer about making sure the work place is COVID-secure.

Full details will be available on the Welsh Government website.

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