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End Date Apr 2024

Help Health and Care Research Wales develop phase two of their Discover Your Role initiative

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Interest in health and social care research/public involvement

In 2020 Health and Care Research Wales (HCRW) published an action plan which set out how to improve public involvement and engagement in Welsh health and social care research. This plan, called Discover Your Role in Health and Social Care Research, was created in collaboration with members of the public, researchers, and research administrators.

Bringing the plan into action, they held a workshop in January 2021 to explore the establishment of the Public Engagement and Involvement Forum. Since then, several forums have taken place with the last forum being held in March 2024.

Now HCRW need the help of the public and the research community to develop Discover Your Role 2.0. Your input will directly influence the direction of the next phase of Discover Your Role and HCRW’s public involvement practices.

In order to start the next phase, HCWR have been gathering feedback from their public and research communities to better understand the barriers and challenges faced when taking part in public involvement activities. From this valuable feedback, they've identified several problem statements and now seek your assistance to prioritise them.

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