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Cwm Taf Margannwg UHB seeking contributors: Co-production in Rehabilitation Therapies

Cancer Type





Any long term health condition

The therapy teams and their colleagues in Cwm Taf Morgannwg UHB are looking to improve the help they give by reshaping their current rehabilitation offer. Whilst many people are very happy with the therapy support they receive, they feel the service can be improved further. They are seeking collaborative working to ensure they achieve the most as a collective group. 

Core to the success of this work is coproduction, this means services users, carers, voluntary organisations, and staff working together to develop and shape services, rather than staff making all the decisions alone. 

The first coproduction event is booked:

  • DATE : Friday 17th March 2023
  • TIME : 10.00am – 12-00
  • LINK : After you register, you will be sent a link for a Microsoft Teams meeting (please note you do not have to upload or have ‘Teams’ on your device just click the link when we send it).

The team are looking to hear the experiences of people who used their service first-hand, receive feedback from them and discuss their ideas.  This will lay the foundations for how services might look in the future, it encourages proactivity, potentially enabling people to access and deliver services themselves.

They would very much like to undertake this piece of work together with people like yourself, who have experienced their therapy or rehabilitation services. 

The World Health Organisation defines rehabilitation as “a set of interventions designed to optimise functioning and reduce disability in individuals with health conditions in interaction with their environment”. 

Simply said, rehabilitation enables people to be as independent as possible in daily activities and to participate in education, work, recreation, and significant life tasks such as caring for family members. It accomplishes this by supporting the management of underlying disorders (such as breathlessness or immobility) and enhancing an individual's daily functioning, assisting them in overcoming issues with pain, thinking, communicating, eating, or moving around. 

Anyone may require rehabilitation at some time in their lives, whether as a result of an injury, surgery, sickness, or illness, or because their functionality has deteriorated with age. 

Your knowledge and expertise will be invaluable in coproducing a gold standard service that is designed with you for you. 

They are initially looking to review specific areas of rehabilitation: I.e., people who benefit from: 

  1. Pulmonary rehabilitation  
  2. Cardiac or vascular rehabilitation 
  3. Long Covid recovery and rehabilitation 
  4. Weight management or diabetes 
  5. Cancer recovery and rehabilitation 

However, they would welcome the views and experiences of anyone who is living with one or a number of long-term conditions. 

 If you are interested in helping us with this project, there will be a number of ways in which you can participate. 

 They will be holding a series of virtual group meetings where you can express your views.  

  • You can attend as many or as few as you wish.  
  • If you’re not comfortable expressing your views in a group meeting, you can speak directly with the coproduction lead in a one-to-one conversation. 
  • You can write and express your views by email or letter.
  • They will hold a small number of face-to-face group meeting.

Everyone’s views are valuable and will be respected, no individual will be identified specifically. 

Please email Conor or Debbie to express an interest:

If you or someone you love has been affected by cancer, our free Support Line is there for you. Just call 0808 808 1010