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End Date Apr 2024

Sign our petition calling on Welsh Government to commit to implementing targeted lung cancer screening

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We’re calling on the Welsh Government to commit to implementing targeted lung cancer screening. 

Lung cancer claims 1,800 lives each year, more than any other cancer in Wales. This must change. 
We can do things to reduce this impact. One of these is targeted lung cancer screening, which would invite people aged 55-74 to be screened if they have a high-risk of lung cancer. 

This screening can catch lung cancer at an earlier stage: and can save lives from lung cancer. 

By taking 2 minutes to sign this petition, you can aid calls for the Welsh Government to commit to implementing this screening in Wales. We’d love you to share this petition with your friends and family as we need as many signatures as possible. 

In Wales, almost half of lung cancers are caught at a later stage. Too many die from lung cancer for this reason. 

By screening those most at risk we can detect lung cancer earlier: when survival is highest. 

We know this works, as an evaluation of English Targeted Lung Health Checks (a pilot programme) saw 76% of lung cancers caught at an early stage. 

Last year, the UK National Screening Committee recommended targeted lung cancer screening to all UK nations, with the provision of stop smoking support. This screening is for people aged 55-74 without symptoms, who hold a high risk of lung cancer (those with a history of smoking). Sadly, only one UK nation (England) has committed to a national rollout of this. This must change. 
Lung cancer takes a terrible toll on Wales. Targeted lung cancer screening can help reduce this toll, giving more people precious time with family and friends. 


You can learn more about our calls for targeted lung cancer screening in a recent blog from our Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Greg Pycroft.

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