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End Date Jul 2024

Squamous Skin Cell Carcinoma AFTER trial

Cancer Type

Melanoma (Skin)




Skin cancer patients or carers/close relatives of a skin cancer patient

What will I need to do? Take part in a Patient Advisory Group meeting (online)
How long will it take? 1 hour (12 July)
Will I get paid? £25 voucher
Who can take part? Skin cancer patients or carers/close relatives of a skin cancer patient
Location: Online

The Centre for Trials Research, part of Cardiff University, is co-ordinating this trial looking at how effective radiotherapy is on non-melanoma skin cancer. In order to recruit patients to the trial, it is important that all their patient information is easily understood and accessible to patients. They have already held one patient advisory group to shape the Patient Information Sheet and consent form, and are looking to hold further Patient advisory groups meetings with a wider group.

The next one Patient Advisory Group is planned for the 12th July with a couple of additional meetings to be organised at later dates. Following each PAG meeting (expected to last 1 hour) participants will receive a £25 voucher. We would like participants to have had squamous cell carcinoma or be a carer or close relative of someone who has.

One key aspect we would like to improve is making the information provided more accessible. Many SCC patients are older, and in some cases they may have other long term conditions such as dementia.  We would therefore be particularly keen to her from relatives or carers who took a key role in supporting such patients through cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Please email to register your interest. 

As spaces are limited, we apologise in advance if you are not selected to participate. Please note we cannot respond to any queries relating to becoming a participant in the trial, these must be made through your treating clinician.


If you or someone you love has been affected by cancer, our free Support Line is there for you. Just call 0808 808 1010