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End Date Nov 2023

The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales survey of older people’s experiences of GP services.

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Anyone aged 60 or over

Older people’s access to GP services is a longstanding issue. The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales produced a report, GP Services in Wales: The Perspective of Older People, intended to improve access, in 2018.

For many older people the Covid-19 pandemic made access more difficult, especially for those living with dementia and those who were isolated with no-one nearby who could help them.

The shift to online and telephone-based services was accelerated by the pandemic. This has been helpful for some older people, but has created barriers for others, especially those who are not online. For example, a number of older people have told the Commissioner they have been unable to take part in online / video call appointments with their GP and have been unable to book a face-to-face appointment.

Reported NHS pressures are also having an impact on people’s access to health services. This is something that many of the older people whom the Commissioner and her team have met and spoken with throughout Wales have experienced while trying to access the NHS.

The Commissioner is keen to know what your experiences of accessing GP practices have been like in the last few months and whether you have found any issues. If you are aged 60 or over, this survey is for you. If someone under 60 is filling in the survey form for you, they will need to include your information, not theirs.

If you would like to tell the Commissioner in more detail about any of your experiences, please use the text box at the end of the survey.

All of the answers you provide will be anonymised so you will not be personally identifiable by the information you provide.

You can share your experiences below – it will only take a couple of minutes – or, if you’d prefer, you can call the Commissioner’s office on 03442 640 670, email or write to them at:

Older People’s Commissioner for Wales

Cambrian Buildings

Mount Stuart Square


CF10 5FL

Many thanks for your help!


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