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End Date Aug 2022

Video call fitness tests for adults living with and beyond cancer

Cancer Type





Be aged 18 years or over, living with or beyond any type and stage of cancer, and deemed safe to exercise by a medical professional

Who is organising the research/project?

  • Samantha Welfare – University of Bath (Bsc Hons Sport and Exercise Science, currently completing an MRes in Health and Wellbeing)
  • Dr James Turner – University of Bath – Department for Health
  • Dr Peter Rouse – University of Bath – Department for Health


All recruitment and data collection will take place virtually over Microsoft Teams Video Calls and the online surveys platform. This means that the participants can take part from their own homes.

What is the research/project about?

Summary: We need volunteers, who are living with and beyond any type or stage of cancer, to complete virtually supervised fitness tests and an online questionnaire.

Background: Regular exercise can limit the side effects of cancer and its treatment, even improving the way some anti-cancer medicines work. However, exercise programmes are often difficult to stick to and it is not always known whether they are having an effect. Exercise interventions delivered over the internet can help people to take part, but their effectiveness would be easier to determine if participants could test their own improvements in fitness, strength, power, and flexibility. Therefore, this research aims to determine if virtually supervised health and fitness tests can provide reliable results that are of value and would allow people to assess their progress at home.

Who can take part?             

To take part in this study you must:

  • Be aged 18 years or over
  • Be living with or beyond any type and stage of cancer.
  • Be deemed safe to exercise by a medical professional

What does taking part involve?

You will be asked to:

  1. Take part in a 15-minute video call to practice the movements needed for the fitness tests.
  2. Take part in 2 more 30-minute video calls to complete the virtually supervised assessment of your health and fitness. You will have at least 2 days between these video calls to allow you to rest.
  3. Complete an online questionnaire about your level of physical functioning, medical history, and your views on the meaning and value of the results produced by the fitness tests.

How can you get involved?

Email Samantha Welfare at or click here to participate.

If you or someone you love has been affected by cancer, our free Support Line is there for you. Just call 0808 808 1010