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We’re thrilled you’ve chosen to support Tenovus Cancer Care. It’s because of brilliant people like you, that we can keep supporting people affected by cancer.

Facebook fundraising is super easy, quick and a fun way to raise money using the power of social media. To help you with your fundraising we’re sharing our six top tips.


1. Set a fundraising goal!

Set an achievable fundraising target. Try an initial goal between £50 and £200, and when you hit your target, you can increase over time. You could even get things rolling by donating yourself!

2. Make your fundraiser visually appealing.

It’s important to make your fundraiser look its best before you share. People are drawn to catchy titles and vibrant images.

In the description area, tell your story honestly and directly. An engaging story can make all the difference. Let everyone know why you’re fundraising for Tenovus Cancer Care. People need to know why their donations matter, so tell them all about the difference they could make. For example.

  • £45 means one person with cancer can have their chemotherapy on board our Mobile Support Units rather than having to go to hospital.
  • £60 pays to keep our free and confidential Support Line open for one hour, so our experienced nurses are there for anyone frightened or worried about cancer.
  • £115 pays for one day of vital cancer research by a PhD student in Wales, helping them to find new ways to prevent it, diagnose it, and treat it.

3. Share with your inner circle first.

People are more likely to donate if they see you’ve already received some donations. That’s why it’s important to share your fundraiser with family and close friends before sharing it with everyone else as they are more likely to give. Make the most of other social platforms by sharing the link to your Facebook fundraiser in your WhatsApp groups, tweet it and add to your Instagram story!

4. Post updates

Keep everyone interested by posting updates. Photos and videos are great. If you’re taking on a challenge event, try posting training updates so people know how you’re getting on or post about why Tenovus Cancer Care means so much to you. This will remind friends that you’re committed to reaching your goal and will make sure your fundraiser is still on their radar.

5. Thank donors by tagging them.

Tagging your friends in a thank you message is a great way to recognise their support. It will not only make them feel special, your friends and their friends might also see your fundraiser this way, and you’ll reach a whole new audience of potential supporters.

6. It isn’t over!

You will find that a lot of donations will come in after the event is over. Let everyone know how it went and how proud you are of your fantastic achievement!


When you’re Facebook fundraiser ends, you don’t have to worry about doing anything else. Facebook will transfer all the donations directly to Tenovus Cancer Care. As a charity we are not charged any fees or transaction charges. Every single penny donated goes towards helping us support cancer patients and their loved ones in your community.

We’ve included a few downloads that we think may help you with your fundraising over Facebook.

Images for social media

Branding your fundraising will allow you to raise more awareness of your cause. On social media update your cover photo, add a banner to your profile photo or download some of our materials to use throughout your fundraising.

To save an image for sharing, just right click on it and then choose ‘save image as’. Or if you’re on a mobile device, press and hold on the picture you want, and then choose ‘download image’.

Downloadable items:

#TeamTenovus Facebook and Twitter shareable 1

#TeamTenovus Facebook and Twitter shareable 2

#TeamTenovus Facebook and Twitter shareable 3

#TeamTenovus Facebook and Twitter shareable 4

#TeamTenovus Instagram shareable 1

#TeamTenovus Instagram shareable 2

#TeamTenovus Instagram shareable 3

#TeamTenovus Instagram shareable 4

Social media header 1

Social media header 2

How your money help social graphic 1

How your money help social graphic 2

If you or someone you love has been affected by cancer, our free Support Line is there for you. Just call 0808 808 1010