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We want to make sure people know about the cancer research we fund, have the opportunity to learn and feel informed, ask questions, give feedback and see our researchers in action. Even though cancer is an extremely sensitive and emotive topic, we encourage our researchers to get involved with as many interactive and interesting engagement activities as possible.

Inspiration for Public Engagement with Research 

There are many different ways you can share your research and we’ll support you as much as we can. We believe the communication skills you develop will be of benefit to you in your career and to us, as you effectively engage with our staff, volunteers and supporters


“I’m so grateful for all the opportunities and support that Tenovus offered me throughout my PhD. These experiences have significantly contributed to my development as a scientist and I had never imagined I would have loved outreach as much as I do now.” 


Dr Silvia Ziliotto, Cardiff University

Lab tours

You could host a group of supporters to see inside the lab for an hour or two and hear about your research in its real setting.

Shop visit

In the past students have visited their local Tenovus Cancer Care shop to talk to customers about the research they are helping to fund by buying or donating something in our shops.

Talks/workshops at Tenovus Cancer Care 

The staff here at Tenovus Cancer Care love hearing about the research we fund, and would welcome the opportunity to listen to you talk about your research at one of our all staff meetings.

Talking to our supporters at events

We regularly hold events for our supporters or potential supporters, such as our Cancer Free Future Events, and a talk from one of our students about their research is always popular.

Social media engagement

Social media is a great way to tell people about your research! If you would like to take-over one of our main accounts (Twitter and Instagram - @tenovuscancer) to share with our followers what a day in the lab/a day doing cancer research is like, let us know and we can arrange this with our comms team.


A short lay piece of writing which can be posted on our website or written as a guest blog for another site – e.g. The Conversation

Science Festivals

Science Festivals are a great way to engage with lots of people all at once, and with some who may have never heard of Tenovus Cancer Care or the research we fund before. There are usually opportunities to run a stall or workshop at these types of events. Large festivals to look out for include Cardiff Science Festival (Feb), Merthyr Science Festival (July), Greenman (Aug) and Swansea Science Festival (October).

Wales Cancer Partnership Communications and Engagement Group

We are members of the Wales Cancer Partnership Communications and Engagement Group. The Wales Cancer Partnership was established with the ambition to bring together cancer organisations across Wales. There are over 20 members of the partnership, all with the same ultimate goal: to tackle cancer.


Don’t forget we’re here to help you disseminate your research once you’ve completed your studies too. We’ll share your research on our website, across social media and are always happy to shout about your achievements as you pursue your career in research.

AMRC Open Research

We are part of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) Open Research; an open-access publishing platform, hosted and managed by F1000 Research. 

Open Research provides a place for charity-funded researchers to rapidly publish their scholarly articles and other research outputs (e.g. posters, slides and documents) which report any basic scientific, translational, applied and clinical research.

The platform has an open peer-review process. This can allow researchers more flexibility, transparency and quicker publication, removing some of the barriers to publishing in traditional journals. 

A webinar introducing AMRC open research and how to use the platform is also available here. 

To find out more including how to publish and FAQs, please visit the AMRC Open Research website

Get in touch

We encourage you to share your research as much as possible during and after your studies with the public, and take advantage of any opportunities you see fit. We’re happy to help and support as much as we can. If you’d like to discuss any of the above, please e-mail

If you or someone you love has been affected by cancer, our free Support Line is there for you. Just call 0808 808 1010