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Apr 2019 - Oct 2021

Barriers to and facilitators of physical activity in cancer patients with brain tumours in Wales and Bangladesh



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Dr Ishrat Islam

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Cancer Control, survivorship and outcomes research

Physical activity can have physical, psychological and social benefits on patients with brain-cancer, but engaging them in physical activity sessions might be challenging. No study investigated what problems patients with brain-cancer may face during taking part in physical activity or what may encourage them to become more active.

The study will find out the causes that discourage and factors that encourage patients with brain-cancer to become more active in Wales and in Bangladesh. The study will compare the findings by considering the cultural and socio-economic differences between the participants in Wales and in Bangladesh.

The study objectives are:

  1. What do the brain-cancer patients know about the benefit of physical activity?
  2. Is there any barrier to become more active form these patients?
  3. Is there anything that may encourage these patients to become more active?
  4. Where and with whom they may prefer to do exercise?
  5. How ready they are to join any exercise program?
  6. Are the barriers/ encouraging factors/ any other exercise preferences of the participants in Wales different to those of the participants in Bangladesh?

Patients and carers will gain improved knowledge about the benefit of physical activity. This may encourage them to become more active and live a better life. The health professionals will gain knowledge about patients’ exercise preferences and can be able to plan more successful exercise program to improve the quality of lives for the future cancer patients.

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