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Oct 2018 - Feb 2022

Dissecting the biomolecular role of Bcl3 in breast cancer metastasis and the design of new interaction inhibitors


Rochelle Ahmed



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Dr Dafydd Jones

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This PhD is part funded through the Knowledge and Economy Skills Scholarship 2 Programme which you can find out more about here 

Breast cancer is a devastating disease and if not detected early enough can spread throughout the body; it is estimated that around 90% of cancer deaths are attributable to poorly treated tumour metastasis. There are currently no truly effective drugs in the clinic to treat cancer once it has spread. The aim of our project is to understand at the molecular level how a particular protein called Bcl3 is involved in breast cancer metastasis. This critical information can then be used to understand the molecular processes that underlie cancer, which in turn will aid the design of new drug therapies to improve cancer outcomes. The project will identify other molecules in the cell Bcl3 interacts with and generate a molecular picture of the complex. Using this new information, an attempt can then be made to block these critical interactions with newly designed drugs so addressing the underlying cause of cancer progression.

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