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We think Tenovus Cancer Care is a pretty awesome place to work. We’re passionate, hardworking and we love what we do. We work hard, we make a difference and we get results.

Our people

Our people have a ‘one-team, one-target’ way of working. That means we like to have team players on board with the motivation to reach our strategic aims. We’ve got great skills in our support services, research, fundraising, admin, retail and warehousing teams, as well as in finance, marketing, policy, HR and IT to make sure we get there in the right ways.

Hear from some of our staff what it's like to work here:

This is US!

  • "Fun, inclusive, caring" - Mike, Marketing Manager
  • "Home, family, proud" - Nadine,  HR & Volunteer Manage
  • "Family, Supportive, Inspiring" - Teresa, People Assistant
  • "Because we’re like a family, we have the best people doing the best they can" - Teresa, People Assistant
  • "You leave the office most days with a feeling of accomplishment, all staff are treated equally, and everyone is so supportive of each other" - Charlotte, Research and Support Admin Manager
  • "You will be welcomed and supported form the outset to give of your best to help others and grow as a person" - Gronw, Legacy & Prospect Research Officer
  • "If you want to join a team of passionate, creative and innovative people who all care passionately about their jobs, this is the place for you! I usually laugh every day in my job. Yes, there are frustrations, but the benefits have always outweighed the negatives and this must be why I have worked here for 8 years!" - Lisa, Head of Fundraising
  • "The charity punches well above its weight in Wales in terms of innovation. Tenovus Cancer Care is not a ‘me too’ cancer charity. We do not replicate the work of others much, but fill in gaps in service provision and come up with new ideas" - Tim, Trusts & Foundations Officer
  • "A flexible approach to working has allowed me an amazing space to balance both my home and work life" - Mike, Marketing Manager
  • "Generous holidays!" - Teresa, People Assistant
  • "The flexibility of working hours. Working part time around childcare has been amazing. The holiday allowance is very generous too" - Charlotte, Research and Support Admin Manager
  • "The best staff benefit is the degree to which flexibility and sensitivity to staff needs is part of the culture" - Tim, Trusts & Foundations Officer
  • "I lost my Mum to cancer, and really wanted to do something to help other patients and families going through the same" - Alex, Major Donor Fundraising Manager
  • "I had seen the amazing services and supported offered in my local community and wanted to be part of it" - Ceri Hill, Regional Fundraising Manager
  • "Because I used to volunteer at one of the charity shops when I was a teenager and because my Dad had been diagnosed with cancer and I wanted to feel like I was doing something to make a difference to the lives of people and families affected by cancer" - Carys, Regional Fundraising Manager
  • "Having done similar work elsewhere I was drawn to the commitment to making a difference to people affected by cancer. From application and interview I knew I’d found the place for me" - Bethan, Benefits Advisor
  • "I lost both my parents to cancer. I’m ‘purpose-driven’, so who I work for and what they do is more important to me than how much I make. There are things we do that I am very glad to fundraise for" - Tim, Trusts & Foundations Officer
  • "The people. It’s a privilege to work with people that want the best for you and nurture your skills as an employee" - Mike, Marketing Manager
  • "No two days are the same, I meet amazing people in the community and hosting our events"

I found out about Tenovus Cancer Care from a news piece on the choirs, a week later I joined my local choir. From there I volunteered and saw how passionate everyone was about the charity and the people it supports. Whilst volunteering a role came up, I applied and was successful in getting the job. I really enjoy working here and doing my own little bit to help cancer patients and their families

Charlotte, Research and Support Admin Manager

I first found out about Tenovus Cancer Care as a service user. From there I liked what I saw and got more involved as an events volunteer in the Fundraising team. The people did it for me and I loved the feel about the place. It was somewhere I wanted to belong and I was lucky enough to get a job here using my HR skills for a cause I felt passionate about. I haven’t looked back since and am proud to be able to make a difference as a member of staff.

Nadine, HR & Volunteer Manager

I loved being a shop volunteer when I was a teenager so the charity was always important to me. It made me want to make a difference to the lives of people affected by cancer. That meant so much more to me when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Now I work here I feel really lucky to be able to help people and raise the vital funds for our services.

Carys, Regional Fundraising Manager

If you or someone you love has been affected by cancer, our free Support Line is there for you. Just call 0808 808 1010