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Get help with money matters

A cancer diagnosis for you or someone you love can lead to unexpected costs. If you’re unable to work or have to make changes to your lifestyle, it can be expensive. And if you’re unable to work, bills can quickly mount up.

Benefits, grants and entitlements

There are often benefits and grants that you might be entitled to which can help with some of the financial pressure of cancer.

Our team of expert Benefits Advisors can talk to you about what financial support is available and guide you through the complex benefits system. We can look at your circumstances like your financial situation, who you live with and what health needs you have, and advise you in detail about any welfare benefits, grants, or practical help that you should perhaps be getting.

They can also help with applications, and advise on challenging benefits decisions or help with progressing claims where necessary.

Practical matters

As well as help with money and benefits, our Benefits Advisors can help with practical matters like transport, insurance and adapting your home. We can also help with planning for the future. This could be things like making a Will, organising a paid for funeral plan, or even end of life planning.

Write things down

If you’d prefer to write things down, why not use our ‘Ask the Advisor’ service. This way you can write down your questions, and our Advisors can come back to you by email or arrange a call at a time to suit.


We regularly evaluate our services to make sure they meet the needs of the people who use them, identify ways to make them better, and make sure we’re getting the best value for money. We recently evaluated our Benefits Advice Service and found that the service helped 2,408 clients access over £3.7 million in grants and benefits. You can download the report below.

Benefits Advice Service report


Get in touch

To find out more about our services, or speak to one of our nurses, please call our free Support Line which is open 365 days a year on 0808 808 1010.

Nurse Dianne on our Support Line

Talk to us

Our free Support Line is open 365 days a year for anyone affected by cancer. Our nurses offer advice on diagnosis, treatment, side-effects, and anything else on your mind.

Find out about our Support Line
Our Sing with Us choirs are for anyone affected by cancer

Sing with Us Choirs

Our Sing with Us choirs are for anyone affected by cancer. They offer support, friendship and fun, and our ground-breaking research has shown singing is good for you too.

Find out about our Sing with Us choirs