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Meet Bethany.

Bethany completed an internship with the Events Team at Tenovus Cancer Care.

I’d never had a full-time job before volunteering with Tenovus Cancer Care so when I started I was worried about my ability to do the work, but I soon felt that there’s no such thing as a silly question, which makes it a perfect opportunity for learning. There’s such a good atmosphere and not as much pressure as I had feared.

The student internship which is part of my degree is unpaid, so I wanted to work for a charity rather than a for-profit business because I felt my contribution would be more meaningful. I know how important charity services are to people affected by cancer.

My grandfather had to travel six hours every time he had chemotherapy for his throat cancer so when I read about Tenovus Cancer Care’s Mobile Support Units I felt that the charity had something truly special to offer. It’s something different from what other charities are doing and it’s something I’ve loved contributing toward.

I first came across the internship among the job adverts on my university’s database. I’ve never worked in an office before either so I was really nervous about that, but I’ve grown to be much more confident thanks to my experience with Tenovus Cancer Care.

I’ve gained a lot of practical skills that can be used in work, including some things we’re not taught at university. I’ve been amazed to see how much goes into organising the charity’s events and everyone’s work ethic is great.

One of the modules I took at university was about creating a good workplace atmosphere that makes employees feel comfortable and enjoy their work. I’ve seen that put into practice through the office choir and lunchtime yoga sessions. I enjoyed my experience with Tenovus Cancer Care so much that I signed up to skydive in one of the charity’s challenge events!

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