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Meet Janafa.

Janafa volunteers for 3 hours a week at our Neath shop, which has helped her confidence and her communication skills

For the past three months, Janafa, 32, has been volunteering for three hours every Monday at our Neath shop.

The mum-of-two sorts through stock, hangs up clothes, and occasionally works behind the till. 

She says volunteering at the shop has helped her with her confidence and communication skills, especially her English.

Janafa first heard about volunteering opportunities with us at a networking event called Chai and Chat held at Neath Library last July. 

She has been an active and regular member of the group, where guest speakers are regularly invited to raise awareness of different services, for a year. 

It was after a presentation by Judith Major, our Cancer Community Engagement Officer, and Senior Support Line Nurse, Rhian Jones,  that Janafa was truly inspired to sign up a volunteer.

Rhian spoke to the group about the support offered by our Support Line nurses to those affected by cancer in Wales and beyond.

Judith then highlighted the advantages of volunteering with us for making a difference and developing new skills in Welsh communities. 

I had been looking for voluntary opportunities, said Janafa who has lived in Wales for nine years.

I was one of the first participants to attend Chai & Chat. We do different things every day - math classes on a Tuesday, hair and beauty sessions on Wednesdays, and a Community Food and Nutrition Skills course every Thursday. It is going well.

I was inspired by the talk and vision of Judith and Rhian, who were lovely.  Tenovus Cancer Care had also come highly recommended.

I really enjoy being at the shop.  Not only has it boosted my confidence and improved my English, but it also added an extra dimension to my life beyond the responsibilities of being a busy mother to two children."

Want to give help, hope and a voice to everyone affected by cancer?

If you or someone you love has been affected by cancer, our free Support Line is there for you. Just call 0808 808 1010