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Meet Lindsey.

This October, Lindsey Allen is on a 26.2 mile mission to support Tenovus Cancer Care

On 2nd October 2022 she will line up for the London Marathon to fundraise for Tenovus Cancer Care, just months after being given the all-clear from breast cancer.

Making the start line for the annual epic 26.2 miler during Breast Cancer Awareness Month will be a remarkable achievement for the mum-of-two who refused to give up on her ambition of running a marathon when diagnosed during the pandemic.

Lindsey started jogging to keep fit and “get her out of the house” during the first national lockdown of 2020. She’d always wanted to run a marathon but could never go the distance.

By taking baby steps and keeping focused, Lindsey was soon running 5K. Approaching her 50th birthday last year, she was determined to be the fittest she’d ever been and was feeling “on top of the world” when she was hit by a major curveball.

“I discovered a sort of lump and funny shape in my right breast. It was a bit of shock as I felt so healthy at the time but I’m one of these that likes to know what’s happening, so I phoned the doctor straight away and was referred for further tests. I was then plunged into this alien world of scans, biopsies, operations, drains, and medication. Within a couple of weeks, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went into shock, followed by denial. There were a lot of tears.”

Due to her catching COVID-19, Lindsey’s treatment and operation was then also delayed but after having a Mastectomy and further surgery this year, she was eventually given the all-clear in February.

By working closely with her physiotherapist ‘Tor’, and with the support of her running friend Paula, Lindsey was able to stick to a training plan, taking her closer to the starting line on the streets of London and another milestone in her cancer recovery.

“I’ve always wanted to run a marathon and I feel blessed I’m about to do that – I am the lucky one. I was determined not to let this (cancer) beat me and if I run it, walk it, or even crawl it at the end, I will get over that finish line.

My biggest motivation is remembering the people who didn’t make it - my nan died of lung cancer and I have a friend who passed away within eight weeks of being diagnosed with breast cancer recently.

By fundraising for Tenovus Cancer Care I know I’m helping support someone with cancer or their loved ones in some way – someone like me, my family or my kids.”

Lindsey has pledged to raise at least £2000 for Tenovus Cancer Care which will help to provide emotional and practical support for all people affected by cancer.

Donations to Lindsey’s fundraising page can be made here. 

If you or someone you love has been affected by cancer, our free Support Line is there for you. Just call 0808 808 1010