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Meet Simon.

Simon volunteers at Head Office with the Benefits Advice team.

I wanted to find something to fill my time when I was retiring and I took a volunteer position in the Benefits Advice team at Tenovus Cancer Care. It was important to maintain some structure after working for the previous 40 years so I volunteer two mornings a week.

When someone first gets diagnosed with cancer it can have quite significant financial implications for them. Tenovus Cancer Care has a team of expert Benefits Advisors who are able to give advice and help with the application process. The advisor will work in the background, leaving the patient to concentrate on getting better.

The eight hours I volunteer means the Benefits Advisors are able to spend more time helping patients and their families, rather than getting bogged down in the paper work that I’m able to do for them.

Volunteering has provided me with the structure that I craved. I feel valued by the whole team, and having my efforts appreciated means that I look forward to being there. They are grateful for the help and keep me beautifully stocked up with chocolates and coffee!

Tenovus Cancer Care really makes me feel wanted and that’s why I’m still here over two years on. I never thought it was possible to look forward to a Monday morning. Off the back of me being here my wife began volunteering within the support team too.

I didn’t start volunteering through any altruistic act, but when I’ve worked hard to help the Benefits Advisors get on with what they’re doing, I realise that I’m making a difference.

I am making a difference to Tenovus Cancer Care, and therefore I’m able to make a difference to the lives of cancer patients and their families.

Simon Howe

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