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Meet Zach.

Zach devotes a selfless 35 hours every week volunteering for Tenovus Cancer Care in retail

Zach, 34, devotes a selfless 35 hours every week volunteering for Tenovus Cancer Care in retail. 

Based at our shop in Cardiff’s Clifton Street, the former senior health care worker also provides cover at our Rhiwbina and Albany Road stores when called upon.

Zach will do any task in the call of duty - from working behind the till to sorting stock and stacking shelves.

He is in every sense a full-timer for Tenovus Cancer Care. And, he says his massive personal commitment is all about giving something back to a charity he believes is like no other, and where he would like to be employed one day.

I volunteer to give something back to people who have been affected by cancer and to support other people who may need it in the future. We need a cure for cancer, but there is also a real need to support people going through cancer.

I like the home from home support provided by this charity with its Mobile Support Units bringing treatments closer to home and the Support Line open 365 days a year. For me, there is no other charity like it.”

Zach’s background in health care has given him first-hand experience of the gap Tenovus Cancer Care fills with its support for all people affected by cancer.

“I used to work as a senior health care worker in various locations, including care homes and hospitals. I had to leave during the pandemic. I have underlying conditions and didn’t want to risk my health. I had to find another career."

Having worked on the front line, I know that without the support of charities like Tenovus Cancer Care, the Welsh NHS would be under even greater strain.

I have a family friend who has just been diagnosed with cancer and we are trying to say to that person, there is support for you, you just need to ring this number.”

One day, Zach hopes to be an assistant manager at one of our shops and is working towards that goal.

He takes his volunteering seriously, but also enjoys the social and fun side of the role.

I enjoy working in the shops. Without them, fewer people would know about our services as we are often first point of contact for the public.

We are all kind of work-family, and every day is different. We are constantly busy, but we support each other. We take time out to chat to each other, making sure every volunteer feels welcome and we offer cups of tea to people who just want to get out of the house and spend time volunteering as the shop might be the only people they see that day. We are at the hub of the community.”

On top of the full-time hours Zach puts in, he also attends and organizes events - something he enjoys and is good at.

“Pride Cymru, which is a big event for the Clifton Street shop, is soon.  We have the Summer Raffle coming up and I’m organizing a Tombola for Breast Cancer Awareness Month this autumn.

I am an idea’s person and it’s often about being creative. I support the shop manager, Carl, with ideas for different displays that he comes up with. Last Christmas, he wanted a giant wreath of lights to reflect the charity's Keep the Light On campaign and my idea was to create one out of a large hula hoop!"

In his spare time, Clifton Street Shop Manager Carl is also a drag queen, alter ego Etta.

Carl and Zach will represent Tenovus Cancer Care at Pride Cymru over the weekend of 22 and 23 June.

It is always fun being part of Pride Cymru, which is important to us at the Clifton Street Shop, and it's great to represent the charity. I am sure Etta will be making another appearance at this year’s event and I’d encourage people to come along, join in the fun, and support the event."

Want to give help, hope and a voice to everyone affected by cancer?

If you or someone you love has been affected by cancer, our free Support Line is there for you. Just call 0808 808 1010