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Stuck at home?

You can support us and help raise the vital funds we need to keep our services running.

Fundraising from home is not only an excellent way to support us, but it’s also a good way to bring your whole household together and support cancer patients from the comfort of your sofa!

What are the benefits of fundraising from home?

Fundraising from home has lots of benefits, especially during a lockdown!

  • It’s a brilliant way to bond as a household, working towards one target together
  • It will help fill some of the free time we all have
  • It’s good for your wellbeing – giving your mind something to focus on and working towards a goal
  • It’s fun, exciting and also super easy!
  • You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping cancer patients and their loved ones

How to fundraise from home?

There are lots of ways you can fundraise from home, but the most popular are: Virtual Collections and Virtual Challenges. See the drop downs below to see the ways you are able to fundraise from your own home.

How will your money help?

By raising funds for us, you’ll be making a huge difference to cancer patients and their loved ones. You’ll be giving hope to communities all across the country by helping us to continue bringing cancer treatment into the community with our Mobile Support Units or keeping our free phone Support Line open 365 days a year.

With physical bucket collections no longer being a viable option at this current time, Virtual Collections are a simple way to raise money without even needing to leave your home.

Set up your Virtual Collection now.

By taking on a virtual challenge event for us, you can both support cancer patients and their loved ones while also taking steps to look after your own mental health.

Start your Virtual Challenge now

Just because you’re fundraising from home doesn’t mean you can’t let people know you’re doing it!

We’ve put together some really useful tips to help you spread the word about your fundraising – including some really colourful images for you to post on social media.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to donate to a charity directly through their online platforms. This is a quick and simple way for your supporters to donate to and will spread the word.

A popular trend is to hold a fundraiser for your chosen charity around your birthday, asking your friends and family to donate in lieu of gifts and cards. Now you’ll never struggle to buy something for somebody who has everything!

Set yourself a target and share your fundraising effort with your friends and family, and ask them to donate and share it. You’ll be surprised how quickly the money adds up! Some platforms will also donate additional money for free to your chosen cause.

You can also tag us in your social media posts so we can see what fantastic things you have planned!

To make the most out of your online fundraising, you will need to do a little bit of work; but don’t worry, we’ve put together a some helpful hints and tips to help you maximise your potential!

Tell a story

An engaging story can make all the difference, so let people know why you’re fundraising and why you’re passionate about the cause. People need to know why their donations matter and the difference they could make to you and your cause.

Set a target

Be bold and let people know how much you’re aiming to raise. Not only will this help motivate you, but pages with a target raise 46% more! Plus if you reach your target, you can always increase it!

Strike a pose

Fundraisers with pictures on their pages raise around 14% more than ones that don’t! By adding photos you’re able to make it more personal; people will be able to engage with you more. If that’s not a good excuse for a selfie, then we don’t know what is…

What’s new?

Keep everyone interested by posting regular updates about your journey. People might forget to donate, so regular updates will keep you on their radar. It will also allow people to see how passionate you are about your cause! Think about making your updates creatively, consider videos, blogs and photographs.

Be creative

Give people even more of a reason to donate. Promise to do something a little bit extra if you reach a milestone, like “I’ll dye my hair blue if I hit my target by next week!” –

Get in the press

Local media outlets are always looking for interesting stories about what’s going on in the community. Send a short press release to your local paper or radio station, letting them know what you’re doing. If you’re not sure where to start, we can send you a template.

It ain’t over yet…

Around 20% of donations come in after the event or challenge. So don’t forget to let everyone know how you got on and how proud you are of your fantastic achievement!

Creative Regular Updates

Regular updates allow your supporters to follow your journey with you. Not only does it keep you on their radar, but it will give you the opportunity to share your story. However, it’s good to be creative with your posts; people might lose interest if you post the same thing every few days. Here are some ideas to keep your posts interesting:

  1. Photos – take interesting, amusing photos of your fundraising. People love animals, so take some pics with your furry friends – that’s sure to get some likes!
  2. Vlogging – post videos of yourself taking on your challenge! That way people know you are actually doing what you promised. Try and make your audience laugh, people are more likely to share your posts if they’re funny.
  3. Podcasts – talk about your fundraising, let people know what you’re enjoying, any struggles you’re having. Remind them to donate to your cause and why it’s so important to you.
  4. ‘Shoutouts’ – make sure you thank people for donating to your cause. Give ‘shout outs’ to people on social media – tag them in your posts and thank them for their donation. People will appreciate you taking the time to thank them and will be more likely to share your cause to their community.
  5. Blogging – write about your experiences, give people insists into your journey and thoughts. Share your story in depth with your community.

Think of other creative ways to engage your supporters, give them a reason to follow your journey and encourage them to share your cause with their own friends and family. The more people that see your efforts the more funds you will raise!

Branding your fundraising will allow you to raise more awareness of your cause. On social media update your cover photo, add a banner to your profile photo or download some of our materials to use throughout your fundraising.

To save an image for sharing, just right click on it and then choose ‘save image as’. Or if you’re on a mobile device, press and hold on the picture you want, and then choose ‘download image’.

Downloadable items:

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Thank you for choosing to support us with your online fundraising. By fundraising for us, you’re helping us to keep our vital services running for cancer patients all over the country. We’ve been dedicated to helping our local communities for over 75 years and we couldn’t continue our work without you.

Very best of luck with your online fundraising!

If you require any more advice or help, our friendly fundraising team are able to support you! Please contact them on or call 029 2076 8850.

If you or someone you love has been affected by cancer, our free Support Line is there for you. Just call 0808 808 1010