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Setting up a Memory Fund is a very special way to remember and celebrates someone’s life the money raised on your fund will help go towards supporting cancer patients and their loved ones. We understand that you may have some questions about setting up a Memory Fund and how the platform works below are some questions that might help you but if you can’t find what you’re looking for or would like to speak to someone please get in touch with our Fundraising Team.  Email us or call us

02920 768 869.

Is it free to set up a Memory Fund?

Yes it’s totally free.

Do people have to make a donation to write a message?

Yes, people will need to make a donation to leave a message on your Memory Fund.  

Can I add money on behalf of our company/ group?

Yes, you’ll be prompted to add the company/ group name when completing the details to make the donation on the Memory Fund.

How can I share my Memory Fund?

You can share your fund on social media platforms and via email. There is more information on sharing your Memory Fund here we’ll send you this via email when you’ve set up your Fund. 

Can anyone add photos and videos to my Memory Fund?

Only the person that created the Memory Fund can upload photos and videos.

Can donation be made anonymously?

Yes, if someone would like to make a donation and doesn’t want their name to show on the Memory Fund they can select ‘donate anonymously’ when promoted as they enter their details to make a donation.

Can I save my Memory Fund as I go through the three stages when creating the Memory Fund?

Once you’ve started the three stages to create your memory fund you can’t save it at the end of each stage and come back to it later.  But don’t worry you can go back and edit your page once it has been completed. We know that this can be a very emotional process so we recommend writing a few memories down that you would like to include before starting the first stage of the Memory Fund. 

You can update and make amendments to what you write when you have finished your fund you just need to log back in and edit it. You can change and add photos and videos too.

Can I update my Memory Fund once I’ve completed it?

Yes, just log back into your account and make updates, add and change photos and videos. You can also change your details.

Can I make comments and thank people when they donate on the page?

Every time someone makes a donation they will see a ‘Thank You’ message. You won’t be able to make comments on the page without making a donation.

How will I know when someone donates and leaves a message?

We recommend visiting your fund regularly so you can read people’s messages and see how much money has being raised.  Viewing it often also means you can keep sharing it to remind people to donate and support Tenovus Cancer Care.

Can a comment be removed?

Yes, the page owner will need to contact Tenovus Cancer Care either by phone 02920 768 863 or email if you’d like a comment removed.

What help will I get if I want to put on a fundraising event in memory of my loved one?

Get in touch with our Fundraising Team Email us or call us 02920 768 869 and let us know that you’re planning a fundraising event in memory of your loved one.  We’ll send you a fundraising pack that has hints and tips on how to make your fundraising event successful.  Money raised at your event can be added offline.

Can I add Fundraising Events that are happening in memory of my loved one?

There isn’t a section to upload events on to the fund but any money that’s been raised offline can be added to the page.

If money is raised at an event in memory of my loved one can it be added to my Memory Fund page?

Yes, any donation that has been raised offline can be added by Tenovus Cancer Care. Donations will need to be paid to us either, by cheque, over the phone or as a one-off donation.  You or whoever is making the payment needs to let us know that the money is being donated is to be added to your Memory Fund. As soon as we have all the information we’ll add the amount as an offline donation to your fund.

How to pay in offline donations

If you’d like to make a donation via cheque for your Memory Fund please make them payable to Tenovus Cancer Care and please include details of how the money was raised and who the donation is in memory of.


If you or someone you love has been affected by cancer, our free Support Line is there for you. Just call 0808 808 1010