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Sat 22 Jul 2023

A Colorful Tapestry of Love: Filming Vicky and Tom's Boho Beach Wedding

Hey there! I'm Celyn, the videographer for Tenovus Cancer Care. Though I may be small in stature, I am undeniably mighty when I'm behind a camera. 

With a deep passion for storytelling, I absolutely love nothing more than capturing the inspiring journeys of those living with cancer and showcasing the unwavering support from our incredible volunteers and supporters. On and off camera, my goal is to make you feel your absolute best, and if you're a bit nervous, rest assured that I'll make our time together enjoyable, so we can capture the true essence of you. 

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to film a wedding that was a true embodiment of love, joy, and personal touches. Vicky and Tom, a couple deeply committed to each other and their journey together, exchanged vows in an intimate boho ceremony on the picturesque shores of Kingsand beach. Vicky had bagged her dream wedding dress and three bridesmaids' dresses from our Bristol bridal shop for under £300 and was kind enough to allow me to come along to capture the magic.

The pebble beach of Kingsand provided the perfect backdrop for Vicky and Tom's enchanting wedding ceremony.  Hosted by Tom's friend Jez, the atmosphere was both serene and electric with excitement. As the gentle sea breeze swept through the air, the couple's loved ones gathered to witness the heartfelt union.

A Ceremony like no other

The ceremony was not only a celebration of Vicky and Tom's love but also an ode to their free-spirited lifestyle. Having filmed many weddings in the past, this wedding will be one I will always remember. Opting for a humanist ceremony,  audience participation was encouraged, which involved the guests offering a heartfelt promise in Cornish to support the couple throughout their marriage. After that, "Happy Together" by The Turtles was played acoustically on guitar by a close friend and was sung by all the guests, adding an extra touch of magic to the moment.

Attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the wedding. Vicky’s ring, crafted from seaglass found on the very beach they stood upon, ensured that a piece of their special day would always be with her. The five bridesmaids were also bestowed with seaglass necklaces, symbolizing their shared bond and the treasured memories of this unforgettable occasion.

The Reception

Following the ceremony, a joyful procession led everyone to the charming Rame Community Hall, radiating warmth with its bunting, fairy lights, lanterns, and an abundance of flowers. The bunting was even handmade by both Vicky and Tom, which stretched inside and outside the venue.

As the guests enjoyed celebratory drinks in the garden, a delightful buffet-style banquet was being served. As everyone found their seats, Vicky's father raised his glass to toast the newlyweds.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the range of food on offer, myself included. My favourite being the gooey chocolate brownies that Tom’s mum had supplied!

The Speeches

The reception was infused with laughter and playful surprises. The speeches brought about moments of hilarity, with a bingo game where guests won funny prizes upon hearing particular words. The couple's “embarrassing” pictures were displayed on mugs and pictures, culminating in the grand prize of a calendar filled with a year's worth of their delightful memories. Amidst the lively celebrations, the evening took on a relaxed ambiance.

 As the bridal party transformed the reception area into a party haven, guests reclined on the grass, sharing laughter, hearing the buzz of bees amongst the flowers and listening to live music being played. A comical incident involving a giant delivery lorry added to the light-hearted atmosphere, as it struggled to navigate the narrow streets by almost crashing into a resident’s brick wall.

The Afterparty

The evening came alive as Vicky and Tom cut into their homemade wedding cake, revealing layers of vibrant rainbow colors. With their first dance, they beckoned their guests to join them on the dancefloor, igniting an unstoppable wave of celebration that lasted well into the night. It was a true testament to their love and the remarkable bond they shared.

Feeling reflective

Filming Vicky and Tom's boho beach wedding was an extraordinary experience that will forever hold a special place in my heart. Their unique celebration, filled with so many personal touches, laughter, and love, created a tapestry of colours that radiated pure joy.

I would like to thank Tom and Vicky for allowing me to come along to their special day and for choosing to shop at Tenovus Cancer Care for the four dresses. By purchasing the dresses from our shop, they’ve supported us to give help, hope, and a voice to people affected by cancer. To be a small part of a big day, truly means the world. We at Tenovus Cancer Care wish you both a long and happy marriage!


If you’d like to see more of Tom and Vicky’s big day then watch here:

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