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Fri 24 Mar 2023

Marketing student Elisha, 19, gives three cheers to Tenovus Cancer Care as she recalls her time as an Intern

My dad has always been a huge inspiration to me. Growing up, I watched him successfully run a Turkish restaurant in Cardiff, and that made me want to follow in his footsteps. That’s why I chose Business Studies as one of my A- levels.

Business Studies was great, but I soon discovered the most interesting part of the course for me was the marketing module. This was where I could use my imagination most and channel my creativity. That’s why I chose to apply for a marketing management degree course at USW. I was made up when I achieved the grades.  

I’ll never forget my first year at Uni – it was such a special time. I made great friends and was studying a subject I not only enjoyed but was succeeding at too.   

I even joined the Cheerleading Society. I didn’t have any experience but had taken dancing classes for seven years. I honestly thought cheerleading was something you did in the USA - not Wales - but thought I’d give it a go. I’m the team’s kit manager and create my own costumes - as well as finding and buying them online. We also enter competitions across the UK, even winning a trophy!  

In my second year I had to find a work placement. Passing the course module was dependent on successfully applying for and completing one. I was thrilled at the prospect and looked forward to experiencing a marketing role in the real world. If I’m honest, I was anxious about being good enough, and if I would be able to do the tasks given me, but I was up for the challenge.  

I applied for five different work placements end of last year with different organisations, but there was one that stood out. That was with Tenovus Cancer Care. I was over-the- moon to be the successful candidate at interview, and the feedback I received gave me confidence in my ability. It made me think about how great it would be to work with these people, and for a good cause. I enjoy helping others, and although cancer is a serious subject, I saw this as a chance to make an impact on other people and help raise awareness of cancer.  

Working as an Intern for Tenovus has been a joyful learning experience. I’ve been working alongside the Marketing and Communications team, which manages the charity’s key messages, storytelling content on social media, as well as external press relations. 

I enjoyed working on the 80th anniversary “thank you” video. It was a fun experience where I assisted the videographer on location. I’ve also met some amazing people who’ve contributed greatly to the charity, and its cause.  

This included “Alan” who has been a shop volunteer for 20 years. I interviewed him and gathered his story for social media. It was a great learning experience, and it was so lovely to meet him and other volunteers too.  I have also written other social media posts and undertaken my own marketing research project. It’s been great to be at Tenovus Cancer Care at such a special time as it celebrates its 80th anniversary year.  

I like that Tenovus Cancer Care is a Wales based charity. My dad was born in Turkey, but I was born in Wales, like my mum. Mum was a Welsh teacher for 20 years and I went to Welsh medium primary and secondary schools. I am a fluent Welsh speaker but can also speak some Turkish. It’s the best of both worlds.  

I feel my experience at Tenovus Cancer Care will help me as a future business owner in Wales, especially with the marketing side of things. I’d highly recommend work placements at the charity for other students too – it’s been fun, and I’ve learned lots too.

Goodbye Tenovus Cancer Care and thank you. 

If you or someone you love has been affected by cancer, our free Support Line is there for you. Just call 0808 808 1010