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Apr 2018 - Apr 2022

Can PocketMedic improve patient experience & resource utilisation in radiotherapy treatment planning?



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Dr Russell Banner

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Cancer Control, survivorship and outcomes research

We are trying to assess whether through improved understanding, patient information videos can help improve the experience of patients and deliver treatment efficiencies in the RT treatment planning setting. The aim is to improve patient experience by delivering high quality patient-led information that will help them understand what is happening to them and the importance of good preparation so that treatment can be delivered more safely, effectively and efficiently.

It is anticipated that this will decrease patient anxiety scores and improve patient understanding of the radiotherapy process which in turn should improve compliance with CT preparation protocols, decreasing repeat appointments, scans and time taken to complete RT planning scans. Any delay in the planning process can affect the patient’s health as well as costing valuable time and money, leading to frustration for patients and clinicians alike.

The project will measure:

  • how many South West Wales Cancer Patients (SWWCC) Radiotherapy (RT) patients watch the films;
  • the effect on patient experience;
  • the effect on a formal anxiety score;
  • the effect on the utilisation of resources within the cancer centre.

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